Виктория Толстоганова отправилась с мужем в пансионат
The actress and her husband Alexei Agranovich for the first time working together.

Viktoriya Tolstoganova and Aleksey Agranovich with their onscreen daughters

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Viktoriya Tolstoganova and Aleksey Agranovich go in the suburban
this Guesthouse. But not in order to rest, and for the first time together to be in
movie! And in the picture Oksana Karas “Above the sky” Tolstoganova and Agranovich play
spouses. A pair of daughters along (they play Taisiya Vilkova and Pauline Vitorgan)
come to stay in this Guesthouse, however, from the first day they have about relaks
to forget. Indeed, while the arrival of the family in the boarding house there is a murder…

“Script “Above the sky” I read thanks to Alex, who said, “There
your role,” says Tolstoganova. — He first proposed this scenario.
The role I liked —
she’s really mine, though not main, but very interesting! Regarding
I recently saw the woody Allen film “Wheel of wonder”, where the main character, which plays brilliantly Kate Winslet, something
reminds of this character. Rather, on the contrary, my heroine Oksana Karas recalled
me heroine Kate Winslet. I think we might have a tense, interesting
a story about people, about another search for love. How can we be on the same platform with
Alexei, yet say nothing, you need first to work. My deep conviction,
all personal relationships have to stay at home before arrival to the shoot. And there