Hair and plastic: Sergei Sosedov radically changed his appearance The TV presenter is unrecognisable.

< br>Hair and plastic: Sergey Sosedov radically changed his appearance Last year on a poor street musical critic Sergei Sosedov finally had a holiday. The man wandered around the TV show for a long time and witted his tongue, while barely making ends meet. And suddenly he was offered a job.

Hair and plastic: Sergei Sosedov radically changed his appearance view

Now Sosedov has become an employee of the NTV channel and hosts the show “Beyond the Boundary”. He got a pretty decent salary, and the new status obliges him to look decent. So, old jeans, obscure sweatshirts and shapeless sweaters went to the landfill. and plasticity: Sergey Sosedov has radically changed his appearance” />

Now the 54-year-old presenter has completely changed his image and puts on the air only strict classic suits and ties. But not only the critic's wardrobe has undergone major changes, Sergei has thoroughly worked on his appearance.

So, instead of the usual bald patches, his head began to be decorated with thick hair, which was also dyed chestnut and made fashionable styling. The newly minted TV presenter admitted that he had a hair transplant operation.

But that's not all. The scandalous celebrity, who until recently condemned other stars for plastic surgery, now went to the beautician's office herself. This is understandable – beauty requires sacrifice.
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