Хакеры убили Брэда Питта

Brad pitt could not accept the fact that Angelina Jolie filed for divorce, that accused him of using drugs and alcohol, and even beating the children, so decided to kill herself. Believe? I hasten to reassure you. The news of the suicide of pitt is “duck”, which the network allowed hackers.

Take into account the seriousness and scandal of the news, it quickly spread on the Network, and thus “gathered” to your stash of new victims to online Scam.

It turns out that this faux news was invented to hackers could gain full access to the data/passwords/accounts of people who have it open.

Thus, people got on the “duck” was denied access to his page in the social network. After the first attacks by hackers Facebook begun to warn its users that they did not go for those links that were on the news of the death of the actor.

Despite though belated, but the warning, the victims were a few thousand people.

Interestingly, the defendant news did not pay attention to it, because his data remained intact.