Mel Gibson will become a spy-retired

Мэл Гибсон станет шпионом-пенсионером

In his younger years, Mel Gibson often starred in action movies and shooter. That only is his participation in the first parts of “Mad max” Director George Miller.

After years Gibson switched to another movie and even for some time ceased to be in connection with family problems.

French India-Director Benjamin Rocher decided to return to the big screen active Gibson and offered him a role in the film “Every other weekend”.

If Mel accepts the suggestion of the filmmaker, he will become the pensioner, who during a trip with her grandson in Paris undetectable spyware past. The grandson, hinting that operates at the CIA, in fact, is humble as an IT specialist.

The authors of the script of the project will be Brandon and Curtis Brittel.

Film premiere to be held in late 2017.

Recall that the nearest plans of Mel Gibson is working on a sequel to “the passion of the Christ, where he acted as a Director.

The sequel will be called “Resurrection.” It shows the events following the crucifixion of the Savior. “I always wanted to tell this story. “Passion” — it’s only the beginning, then there was a lot of interesting,” commented Randall Wallace, working on a movie script.

And Gibson, in turn, has added that the film will focus on the stage of the resurrection of Christ.

According to him, they don’t just want to move events from the Bible to the silver screen, but to examine them more closely.