Гвинет Пэлтроу завершила, наконец, свой бракоразводный процесс.
Ended one of the strangest marriages in Hollywood.

Гвинет Пэлтроу завершила, наконец, свой бракоразводный процесс.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Chris Martin

Gwyneth Paltrow and her now
ex-husband Chris Martin have signed, finally, the divorce documents. Martin and Paltrow announced that have agreed on a “conscious separation” and decided to end their marriage in March 2014. And in may of the following year
Gwyneth filed the divorce papers. However, subsequent events made them all
to doubt that the couple actually decided to end the marriage.

At the request of Paltrow, Chris still held in her
home all weekends and holidays — supposedly for the sake of the children. After all, the spouses have lived
together almost 12 years and raised two adorable children — Apple and Moses. Because
this Martin was not developed his personal life. So, his girlfriend
Jennifer Lawrence decided to leave Chris after a short relationship due to
that are unable to take Martin’s close relationship with Paltrow.

Meanwhile, she happily Paltrow had an affair with
Brad Falshakom. And that, not surprisingly, it is not objected to close
Ghinet communication with Chris. Sometimes, as claimed by the actress, and Martin, and Falchuk
at the same time I spent the night at her house. She also Gwyneth noticed recently that very
happy with how her interaction with Chris. “Our relationship,
finally, it became what would have to be in those days when we were
married!” — said the actress.

As a result they ended, finally, divorce,
the spouses peacefully and without scandal has divided all of their joint property. Except
also, Chris and Gwyneth came to an agreement about the children — they have issued a joint
custody of Apple and Moses.

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