Gwen Stefani has become an Icon in fashion 2019

Гвен Стефани стала «Иконой» моды 2019

Гвен Стефани стала «Иконой» моды 2019

And the award for the most sweet the novel goes to… Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani! After she received the award at the ceremony People’s Choice Fashion Icon, Gwen was so excited that he promised to love her as Blake!

“Blake Shelton, look,” said 50-year-old Gwen Stefani, received the award at the ceremony Fashion Icon Award 2019! At the ceremony, November 10, Gwen received the Award of spectator sympathies. The singer No Doubt waved his hands in the gloves over a gorgeous dress from Vera Wang. “Now I’m an Icon,” she said to Blake. It could have been different to recognize the gesture. Someone thought that she is just a fashionista and perhaps this was to remind the star of country music, he’s Dating a living, a fashion legend. In any case, it was very cute but not as cute as what she said in the end of his speech. “I’m going to pass it on to Zuma. … I love you, Blake Shelton. Thank you, guys! I love you!”

Гвен Стефани стала «Иконой» моды 2019

Blake really loves Gwen. A little earlier he walked hand in hand with her on the red carpet, and only not many people know that Blake actually not a fan of such events. And all this he does for his beloved. In his interview with Gwen all the time talks about the support of her boyfriend. She’s always on it can rely all the most difficult moments he always goes along with it, for the past four years.
Hard to believe that four years have passed since then, as these two coaches show “the Voice” fell in love. It seems that only yesterday they had an affair after their splits with their former: Gavin Rossdale and Miranda Lambert. “A lot of life happened and we went through a lot, and we really are very connected to this,” said Blake of his colleague in music in the country style to Martina McBride in the October edition of my podcast Vocal Point. “It’s one of those things that nobody knows. It was supposed to be so”.
“Gwen Stefani is a world music artist whose unique brand style and personality has surpassed the time,” said Jen Neal, General Manager of news, live events and digital lifestyle. The time of the announcement, Gwen as a Fashion Icon this year, she added that: “She effortlessly turned his success in music, in fashion design, launching many popular lifestyle brands, and for all its many accomplishments we’re proud to call her our fashion Icon 2019!

“This is an incredible honor to receive the award for Fashion Icon Award in the competition People! Choice Awards! “—said Gwen. “As an artist, musician and entrepreneur, fashion has always been my creative outlet to Express your individuality and music. I am so grateful for this award and continue to be inspired by those who stands out and supports your unique style and personality”.
“I was just so naive in the fashion industry and nothing about it knew. I just went about their business,” said Gwen. “To get to the point when I receive an award for fashion, it’s kind of surreal, she added, — and this just proves that if you’re just true to their essence and just follow their own passions, for you nothing is impossible!

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