Гай Ричи представил новый трейлер «Короля Артура»

Director guy Ritchie is not often pleases its fans with new pictures, but when it does happen, he hears mostly positive feedback about my work. I hope this summer filmmaker will not disappoint us, when will present the film “King Arthur : the Legend of the sword”.


The main roles in the historical drama was played by Jude law and Charlie Hunnam. The film is about young Arthur, who grows up on the street after his father dies from the hands of a tyrant Vortigern. Makes Vortigern is attempting to seize the throne. And he did it. Arthur himself doesn’t know about his appointment until his hands misses the sword Excalibur. Since then, he joins the resistance movement, where it unites people together to seek the truth and to overthrow the tyrant Vortigern.

Recently was published a new trailer of the film. according to the staff, we expect something Grand and ambitious. Note that the budget of the film was $ 100 million. Apparently, the creators of us will be hitting special effects, scenery and scenes of battles.