Konstantin Kryukov told why in the fight with the vampires use a stake

Константин Крюков рассказал, зачем в борьбе с вампирами используют осиновый кол
He explained why not afraid to play in the mystical projects.

Konstantin Kryukov with his half-brother Leonid Kryukov

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

In the mystical film “the Ghouls” (Production center “GOROD”)
Konstantin Kryukov played the godson of the Empress Elizabeth, who along with
characters Mikhail Porechenkov and Roman Madyanov have to fight
the evil force.

“I have no concerns regarding the participation in the mystical
the project, — says Konstantin. — If a person is afraid of superstitions, probably
something may happen to affect his life. But I don’t pay for it
attention. And I am glad that the film Director Sergei Ginsburg made a prayer in the first
the day of shooting, because for the Orthodox people is very important, before
start a great business”.

The actor said that the script of the picture is partial
an explanation of some mystical things. “For example, in the fight with the vampires use a stake and silver bullets
it turns out that because Judas hanged himself on an aspen and sold for 30 pieces of silver, said hooks. Is
interesting fact, out of the blue invented, but everything has its explanation”.