Виновный в гибели сына актрисы Понизовой понесет наказание 19-year-old Alexander Tikhonov sentenced to three and a half years of imprisonment. His fault, the young people were in a car accident. The only child of Olga Ponizova died on the spot.

      Виновный в гибели сына актрисы Понизовой понесет наказание

      Last summer, in the family of a famous actress Olga Ponizova the accident happened. Her only son, Nikita Shalaginov died in a terrible car crash. Together with his friend they went on one of the tracks in the suburbs. Early in the morning, about five o’clock, the accident occurred. 19-year-old Alexander Tikhonov, who was driving, lost control and crashed into a metal dividing fence. Son Ponizova died from his injuries on the spot. The court found Alexander guilty in the death of his friend and sentenced. Now a young man waiting three-and-a-half years of imprisonment and a fine.

      I must say that in a car accident Tikhonov himself escaped with only minor injuries, while Chelyadinov sitting in the passenger seat, received injuries, incompatible with life. Before this incident, a school friend of the son Ponizova has been penalized 28 times for speeding. Moreover, in the blood of a young man was discovered alcohol. After a road accident criminal case was brought. The young man was threatened with detention for up to five years.

      All close to death, Nikita was a terrible blow. “Sasha just sat behind the wheel, they were sent to the hospital, – told “StarHit” Christina Morozov, ex-girlfriend Chelyadinova. – Nikita a lot of cuts in the country, and Tikhonov was in a hurry to take a friend to the hospital… At the funeral all rested as best they could. Nikita’s mom Olga Ponizova asked friends and relatives not to cry. He said our tears as cargo, and his soul must leave freely and easily. Nikita’s father is virtually no one spoke, she and her son were very close.”

      The son of a famous actress studied at the Ranepa under the RF President, and as told by his friends, was very well-mannered young man. “We met in the cafe a little over a year ago, through common friends, – says another friend of the deceased Daria Chernova. In that time I’ve had problems with my parents… And that Nikita helped me. He always said that the most important thing in life – mom and dad, and we need to appreciate every moment spent with them. When mom was mad at me and I was under house arrest, Nikita felt it: he came to reconcile us. Gave flowers and cakes. Said that the same situation occur in his family, but he is always inferior to mother. Despite the fact that his parents divorced long ago, Nikita was considered the family complete. Mother and father were everything to him”.

      According to LifeNews, in addition to the prison sentence, Alexander will have to pay a fine of 60 thousand rubles.

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