Guy Ritchie contacted the Fathers4Justice organization for help in fighting with Madonna

Гай Ричи обратился в организацию Fathers4Justice за помощью в борьбе с Мадонной

Guy Ritchie is fighting for his son and is confident that he will be able to get sole custody of 15-year-old Rocco. For help the man turned to an organization that specializes in such matters — Fathers4Justice (“Fathers for justice”).

As told the press the organizer of this movement, Matt O’connor, Richie already consulted him on some issues and understand what levers you can push to make it happen.

Lawyers say that until the truth and the law are on the side of a caring father, because the mother (Madonna) demonstrates the best behavior. For example, at a recent concert in Australia, on stage she was crying, drank alcohol and were looking for the “love of one night”.

“Who cares? I’m looking for a new boyfriend! At least for one night. Actually you just need to continue to laugh, and this won’t hurt”, — Madonna shouted from the stage.

Judging by the eyewitness accounts of this action, in concert Mudge was already decently drunk, and during it all made it worse.

“Millions of fathers know the pain that feels Madonna because of separation with her son Rocco. however, her public statements that disparage father Rocco, there’s no excuse. Children need all the best in both parents”, said Matt O’connor.

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