Гильермо Дель Торо о фильме «Форма воды»

Winner of the “Golden globe — 2018” for best Director Guillermo del Toro in an interview for the magazine “Hello” spoke about his film “water” and the choice of heroine for him.

Гильермо Дель Торо о фильме «Форма воды»

The Director has not received a salary for his film, but with a funding pattern of problems has not arisen. As Guillermo says himself, he was honest with the Agency from describing the characters and the sex that will be present in one of the scenes. “And I wanted to make a movie in black and white, but Studio bosses managed to persuade me: first, they offered more money for color film (laughs), and secondly, reasonably said that in a monochrome version of the picture will lose part of the charm. In General, my film didn’t become an art film.” says the Director.

In the movie the main character appears to be mute. Thus Del Toro wanted to show the character and feelings through the details and body language. “For example, in the beginning of the film we learn that she lives above the theater that she likes to dance, watch musicals and to cook a meal for your elderly neighbor. All it talks about is what Eliza, better than any words. People used to think that the actor is the one who not just looks good, but can say something apt and catchy. But it really is much better when the actor can Express emotion, voice, and facial expressions, gaze, gestures. Sally Hawkins, who plays the role of Eliza, copes with this task. And Sally’s beautiful that the history went only benefit. The last thing I wanted to talk about the poor plain girl who meets a Prince and her life is transformed.” says Del Toro.

Casting for the role of the protagonist was not. The Director immediately offered to play the character 41-year-old actress Sally Hawkins’s point, and was terribly drunk. “It was in 2016: first, I called her agent and said write the role specifically for her. And then my friend Alfonso invited me to a party after the Golden globes. I fought back as best they could, but Alfonso insisted: “it Will be fun, we get drunk, come Alejandro (Mexican Director Alejandro gonzález iñárritu, the author of the painting “the Survivor”. — Ed.)”. I hate to drink, but these guys are ready to drink almost every day! And because I am very large, I for intoxication should be a lot of alcohol. I came to the party, ordered at the bar 14 shots of tequila, drank a gulp, and I felt good. I realized that it is better to get some fresh air, not to do something, but then he saw Sally. “It is you! — I shouted. — I just write you a role, you fall in love with the man-fish!” laughs the Director. “Poor Sally managed to say, “Oh, cool!” — and I left. I’ll never know how she finally agreed to do it.”

The Director also noted that the 1962 and 2017 have their similarities, so he knowingly chose it. “Today, the American President said, “Let’s make America great”. And in 60 years this was done by John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, who did everything that their country was called a superpower. Racism, chauvinism, homophobia is flourished then and is present in our lives so far. So, alas, is told in “the Shape of water” story about how people are intolerant of those who don’t like them, is inherently eternal.”