Повзрослевшая звезда «Голос. Дети» Алиса Кожикина произвела фурор в Сети The young actress became a guest of the grandiose concert in the Kremlin. Viewers were surprised at how much has changed the budding performer. In addition to her five-year anniversary of the popular TV show celebrated Alexander Gradsky, Dima Bilan, Pelageya, Alexander Panayotov, Daria Antonyuk, hieromonk Photius, and many others.

      Повзрослевшая звезда «Голос. Дети» Алиса Кожикина произвела фурор в Сети

      20 March in the State Kremlin Palace held a large-scale concert dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the project of the First channel “Voice. Children.” At the gala evening was attended by stars of show-business and new performers. Among those who attended the Grand event, was Pelagia, Anton Belyaev, Alexander Gradsky, Basta, Dima Bilan, Grigory Leps, Tina Kuznetsova, Dina Garipova, Alexander Panayotov, Daria Antonyuk, Rodion Gazmanov, hieromonk Photius, Yaroslav Degtyarev and many others.

      Many viewers were surprised by the transformation of grown-up Alice Chaikinoi, the winner of the first season of “the Voice. Children.” 13-year-old actress and member of numerous vocal competitions posed in the “air” dress delicate pink color. Aspiring and promising performer also did a light makeup.

      Alice happily posed for photographers, and then made pictures with celebrities. “With great people” – with these words Alice signed frames with Dmitry Nagiyev, Dima Bilan, Basta and Alexander Gradsky. Fans supported Kozichino and wrote her many compliments. “Wow, cool”, “Top”, Class,” discussed the fans of the young star.

      Note also that the furore was caused by the singer Pelageya, which is rarely published. The actress recently became a mom for the first time, smiled broadly, and delighted the army of fans, who had to miss his darling. Pelagia became one of the leading long-awaited concert. A performer made up as always brilliant Dmitry Nagiyev.

      Pelageya struck the audience with chiseled figure after childbirth

      That evening the audience was delighted with the appearance of Dima Bilan, frightened fans with news about his illness. Recall that the performer is suffering from hernia on the spine. During one of the conversations with reporters, the actor admitted that he decided to postpone treatment because of participation in the project “Voice. Children.” Bilan is planning to apply to medical professionals immediately after the shooting in the TV show.

      Recall also that now the show fourth season of the popular project. In addition to ward Yana Rudkovskaya, it involves Jane and Valery Meladze. Artists do not hide their joy regarding the participation in the search for future stars. “I have not heard this number of talented kids! Trying my best to be strict, but not. So I just, but kind,” admitted Jane in an interview.