Grown up daughter Gosha Kutsenko admire a pretty face

Подросшая дочь Гоши Куценко восхитила хорошеньким личиком The actor showed a home video with little Jenny. Gosha Kutsenko captured how his successor feels about chocolate candy. Fans admired the cute footage, proving that the actor is a great dad.

Actor Gosha Kutsenko is one of those celebrities who do not like to advertise their family life and carefully guarded personal territory from the invasion of strangers. Microblogging Gosha Kutsenko in “Instagram” is a story about his work, creativity and the various actions in which the actor is often involved.

But still sometimes the artist lets loyal fans in the Holy of holies under the name of “family”. On the eve of Gosha Kutsenko has published in the microblog touching video involving his middle daughter, three-year Eugene. In the frame of a lovely little girl with short pigtails and curls, framing her pretty face, taking sweet treats from a friend of his parents.

“Jack tell me: “Lena, if you have some candy, bring,” says daughter Gosha Kutsenko. And the girl dutifully echoed by the Pope, childish fun mispronouncing words.

Gosha Kutsenko it is very touching to fuss round her, putting her legs sneakers. Fans of the actor were cut to a quick video. They have noticed and appreciate how gosh kicks from your Pope a cute little girl.

“Curls, braid and the voice is just a mimimi”, “Dear gosh, I saw this little piece of your life. Love is what’s in it, the explosion of love that slays outright. Genia is a miracle so curly, it’s your life, your love. As it is visible to all. As you can see, you’ve dissolved in Eugene, how are you enjoying this myself, as you thrill to the status of this his – daddy”, “gosh, they grow up so fast, enjoy!”, “Honey, dad is not bad advice”, “Cute!”, “What is it you’re so cute! The face of an angel, a wonderful girl!” – such kind comments left in the microblog Gosha Kutsenko its subscribers.

We will remind, three – year-old he is the middle daughter of the actor. A girl born in the marriage of celebrity with his mistress, Irina, who not long ago gave a response to another heir. In July, the actor became a father for the third time. Gosha Kutsenko said the reasons for the divorce with Maria Poroshina

Gosha Kutsenko is still the eldest daughter Pauline, whose mother is Maria Poroshina. Now the successor of star parents is building an acting career, appearing in TV shows and feature films. Star of theatre and film kept a great relationship with the first wife, and in his Instagram photographs regularly appear with the eldest daughter.