Группа «Винтаж» шокировала новым видео
The musicians presented their new video for the song “a Little bit of advertising”.

Группа «Винтаж» шокировала новым видео

Anna Pletneva

Photo: press service of the artists

Anna Pletneva and Konstantin Bogomolov

Photo: photo courtesy of the press service of the artists

Soloists of the “Vintage” ready once again to offer
the musical public a portion of the scandal and provocation. This time
responsibility for what is happening on the screen is assigned to a well-known theatre
Director Konstantin Bogomolov, whose performances critics as “trash”
do not call. The musicians confess that they were not sure in advance
the consent of the Director, after all for anybody not a secret — before the mantid were not shooting the videos.

I decided for myself that if Kostya agrees, then we will be ready for any
adventures and will do everything it will offer! — says Anna Pleteneva. But
was still in shock from the idea, which he voiced at the meeting. Because it
talking about death… Kostya suggested to look at this issue not with fear and
trembling, and ironically, paradoxically and strangely cheerful”.

But the Director offer
to make a video for a new song “Vintage” has been received with great enthusiasm. “I love pop culture, although many people think it’s
strange. After all, working in author mode, I do quite serious
things in the theater. Nevertheless, the entertainment genre for me has always been very
attractive. Besides, I had a sudden idea of how to sell it.
Met with Anna and Alex, I saw a very live brain, live reaction, similar
view of the world, shared humour and shared the irony – in a word the universal spirit, says
The mantid. — And this is always the most important thing in work, when people look at together
peace and trust you. I realized that has all the ingredients for the production of
the product is not ordinary, not duty, not formal, but really
creative. So I gladly agreed and really get
the fun of it”.

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