Группа «Ленинград» внезапно лишилась второй солистки Vasilisa Starshova announced that he is leaving rock band. The girl said that she was happy and ready to do my own thing. Earlier Sergey Shnurov was told that the soloist misses concerts due to illness.
Группа «Ленинград» внезапно лишилась второй солистки

Vasilisa Starshova became a member of “Leningrad” over a year ago. Together with the team she traveled to dozens of cities around the world. However, at the anniversary concert, which was held recently in Moscow, the singer has not appeared.

The artist decided to tell about the situation. In Instagram Vasilisa posted and publicly announced his departure from the group.

“Yeah, I don’t sing in the “Leningrad”. I’m good, I’m happy, healthy, not tired, strength and energy in bulk,” wrote the girl.

She thanked fans for their support and kind words in his address. Also Vasilisa said that is not going to leave work, so in the near future will release a solo song.

“StarHit” contacted the representative of group “Leningrad”. Director of staff refused to disclose details of the departure of the soloist Vasilisa Starkovoy. “No comments allowed,” the woman said.

Fans Starkovoy was shocked by the news and began to put forward hypotheses about the causes of the changes in the group. “It is a pity, specially bought a concert ticket to see you,” “Cords kicked out for sure”, “Just Bob decided to move on, good for her,” wrote fans girls.

Earlier Sergey Shnurov claimed that Vasilisa took a forced break in performances due to health problems. The musician said that she promised to miss only a few shows, but soon stopped communicating.

The statement dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the team, Starshova has not appeared. As a result, the audience for more than two hours entertained the other soloist, FL. In spite of such difficulties with the composition, the event caused a sensation and gathered at the stadium “Open arena” tens of thousands of fans of the team.

At the wedding of Alexander Ovechkin, where he performed with the group “Leningrad”, Vasilisa Starshova also was not seen. Fans came to the conclusion that the Cords had a fight with the next soloist, and so the girl had to leave the team.

However, the members of the “Leningrad” does not confirm the existence of conflict situations. Vasilisa Starshova is in good spirits, and care of the popular team did not upset her. She posts in the microblogging funny photos and videos.

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