Died, the author of a series of novels about Angelique by Anne Golon

Умерла автор серии романов об Анжелике Анн Голон The French writer was 95 years old. On the death of Anne Golon said her daughter. The Creator of one of the most famous characters in literature of the twentieth century, died in his estate in the Paris suburb of Versailles.
Умерла автор серии романов об Анжелике Анн Голон

Journalist and writer with a world name, Frenchwoman Anne Golon died on 96-m to year of life. Sad news about the departure of the author of a series of books about the adventures of Angelica fans of her work said daughter Golon.

She also said that the heart of the famous writer stopped on July 14. Died Anne Golon at his home in the suburbs of Paris, Versailles. The cause of death of the Creator of one of the most recognizable characters in the literature of the twentieth century her family has not sounded.

It should be noted that a wide popularity all over the world by Anne Golon won, writing in collaboration with her husband, a native of Russia Vsevolod Golubinov, a series of historical novels about Angelique. All about the fictional beauty-adventuress of the seventeenth century was released 13 books. A story about a green-eyed aristocrat many times filmed. The latest film about Angelique came out in 2013.

By the way, the husband of the writer passed away 45 years ago, in 1972. Anne and Serge Golon is the pseudonym of this creative and family Union. Real name Ann Simon Changé. She was born 17 Dec 1921 in Toulon, in the family of captain in the French Navy Pierre Changé. The girl showed early abilities for painting and drawing. When she turned 18, she wrote her first book “the Country behind my eyes”, published in 1944 under the pseudonym Joel Lantern. The name of Joel it was subsequently named in the family. Then she began to work as a journalist.

In 1949, Simon went to make reports in the French Congo, where she met her future husband, a geologist Vsevolod Golubinov. The novel that began between them, resulted in a deep sense, and they soon married. The couple returned to France and settled in Versailles. However, Vsevolod Golubinov could not find work in this country, and then the pair tried to engage in a joint literary work, he published a book about wild animals “Le Coeur des Betes Sauvages”. But the great success she had. And then Simon decided to write a historical adventure novel. The couple spent three years in the library of Versailles, studying the materials on the history of the seventeenth century. The work was distributed as follows: Simon built the plot plans novels, wrote, and Vsevolod took care of historical material and advised the wife.