Great expectations: what to expect from Hollywood stars in 2018

Большие надежды: чего ждать от голливудских звезд в 2018-м In the coming year, overseas celebrity we promise you even more novels, weddings, adventure and drama, worthy of the pen of the best writers on the planet. Not life, but a solid movie.
Большие надежды: чего ждать от голливудских звезд в 2018-м

All in black

Golden globe January 7, will open its new season presentation awards. The ceremony promises to be special: if the protest action, has called for the women of Hollywood, will be held, all the ladies will be on the red carpet in a black dress. So they are going to Express a strong “Fi” sexual harassment by producers, Directors and influential actors.

Большие надежды: чего ждать от голливудских звезд в 2018-м

The start of the movement for the abolition of the rule “the way the screen lays over the couch” was given in the autumn – with the exposure of one of the titans of the American film industry, Harvey Weinstein. Since the virtual pillar of shame was joined by Directors Brett Ratner and Bryan singer, actors Kevin spacey and Dustin Hoffman, star chef Mario Batali, a few popular U.S. TV presenters, and a dozen men from the leadership of the studios and TV companies. The charges range from “twenty years ago he touched my left butt cheek” to rape and sexual violence against minors.

For example, the “Golden globe” activists are going to see who’s in and who against, and who abstained. In the case of mass support, they will propagate the event and the subsequent ceremonies, including the “Oscar”.

Большие надежды: чего ждать от голливудских звезд в 2018-м

To leave, to stay?

The coming year is likely to be marked by the final divorce of Angelina Jolie with brad pitt. Despite reports that the couple has reunited, yet this applies only to the Christmas holidays. “In those days, brad especially longing without a family, say friends. – He loves to fill up the children with gifts, to make every holiday special, and Angelina has no reason to object. Also pitt is going to support his ex-wife on the January screenings of her movie “First they killed my father.” Maybe his wife even held together on the red carpet, but to conclude that divorce is canceled too early. Brad has changed since the breakup, he definitely wants his family back, for him, the only question is, how ready for this, Angelina”.

Большие надежды: чего ждать от голливудских звезд в 2018-м

I now pronounce you husband and wife

May 19, British Prince Harry can marry a divorced American actress Meghan Markle, best known for the series “Force majeure”. Although usually the royals get married at Westminster Abbey, the ceremony will be held in the Church of St. George at Windsor. And it is not the origin of the bride, and sentimental considerations of the groom. Harry wants to see at the wedding of her beloved grandfather – the Duke of Edinburgh, who lately are trips outside of the family estates. “The Prince is very attached to 96-year-old grandfather, who retired and no longer participate in public events, says an expert on the British monarchy Kate Nicholl. – Wedding, we decided to organize as quickly as possible and closer to the family home so an elderly relative could come to Church on their legs and to personally congratulate the young”.

Большие надежды: чего ждать от голливудских звезд в 2018-м

Thank you, bird!

Somewhere at the crossroads of spring and summer will be born the first-born Kirsten dunst and her boyfriend Jesse Plemons. “I’m not eager to moms, while the childhood friend is not invited to become krestnaya daughter, – tells 35-year-old actress. – So in love with this girl that I felt an incomparable love which can be experienced only by children.” Perhaps Kirsten is trying to confuse the people regarding the date of delivery. Their Jessie the wedding will take place in the spring in Austin. Since few women are willing to go to the altar to give birth, it is logical to assume that Kiki and Jesse will get married after she gives birth. Dunst intends to complete the program to enjoy maternity leave. “In films from the age of three, it’s time to relax, she says. – I’m not one of those women for whom nothing is more important than work.”