Людмила Лядова прокомментировала слухи о разборках с мошенниками The composer says that her and her apartment all in order. Previously close friends, Ludmila Lyadova said that her property trying to take possession of fraudulently. However, the woman denies such speculation.
Людмила Лядова прокомментировала слухи о разборках с мошенниками

Already more than half of composer Ludmila This is surrounded by scandals. Earlier it was reported that the 92-year-old woman are trying to fool crooks. According to her friend Galyna Gorbenko in the credibility of the star rubbed unfamiliar people wanting to take control of her estate.

Close Lyudmila Lyadova fear that she became a victim of speculators

However, Lyudmila Alekseevna has decided to deny such rumors. According to the composer, she doesn’t need anything, and from someone else’s evil influence did not suffer.

“I take these scandals very negatively. All that is said is not true. I don’t know why I’m on the take. I live well: I’m all right,” – commented on the situation Lyadova.
Людмила Лядова прокомментировала слухи о разборках с мошенниками

However, the star noted that her health is poor. Now Lyudmila is very ill, but still hoped for a speedy recovery. Also she has to worry about the fate of the wife of Alexander Fedorovich. According to Lyadova, the man did not manage to cope with alcohol dependence. It is now undergoing another course of rehabilitation.

“My husband’s not home, he went to be treated. Drinks all the time. Don’t worry for him, no one holds and nothing selects. He has his own apartment,” – said Liadov.

Previously the husband of the star claimed that his beloved threatens a very real danger. He gave an exclusive commentary for the program “live”, but, according to spectators, was acting really weird. According to Lyadova, at the time of shooting husband was in a bad state just because of alcohol addiction.

Poet Love Voropayeva also confirmed that the lives and welfare of the famous composer in no danger. In the opinion of the writer, the scandal broke over husband of Ludmila Alexeevna, who suffers from delusions of persecution.

“We just saw them. I think she’s great. First, it is in the fresh air, and secondly, she provided proper care. Thirdly, as I understand it, her current husband is living elsewhere and not bother her with his behavior,” said Voropayeva.

In an interview for the portal “the Source,” the poetess said that Liadov is still in excellent physical shape. Moreover, Lyudmila finds time for creativity, and for communication with friends.