Гоша Куценко купил раритетный автомобиль
Fleet actor added another luxury car.

Gosha Kutsenko

Photo: Instagram

Gosha Kutsenko boasted another retro car
who acquired recently. “Meet,” wrote the actor under the photo, published
in the social network. My new best buddy! The hit of the season — Ford 1935
of the year”. For this purchase Kutsenko decided to break up with their other cars: yellow Mustang and a cool SUV. By the way, the first was donated
the actor’s 46th birthday. Oh goshi love for speed and cars is known to all, so such gifts are not uncommon.

The Range Rover he, too, gave a close friend, and Kutsenko very
didn’t want to get rid of it, because this car is not only overcome with the actor a lot of miles, but
starred in a few films. When one of the projects urgently needed powerful
SUV for one scene, gosh immediately generously offered

In General, the fleet of the actor is legendary. DC
use at goshi, usually two cars: fast cars and massive
all-terrain vehicle. Favorite and the highlight of the collection of the actor was and remains
favorite convertible “Morgan” valued at several million rubles. Despite the serious
a car accident in which actor it was, gosh, put a lot of effort, time and money to repair the convertible.

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