Ева Польна похудела на 10 килограммов
The singer bragged about his achievement on a secular party.

Ева Польна похудела на 10 килограммов

Eva Polna

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Eva Polna surprised party guests,
on the upcoming festival “HEAT”. The singer appeared in a new image: gorgeous image
thinner and prettier Eva complements the extravagant haircut with shaved
temple. In recognition of Polna, she was preparing for the event not really
for a long time. “Got three hours, made a hundred in the game, collected all
tube, got in five minutes before the new dress tried on half the night
in the Studio, sat down on the nerves in the car, weaved through traffic on the ring road to
catch the red carpet — said Eva. — But! Radiate nonchalance,
comfort, joy and a deep sense of satisfaction. Artists — they are.”

By the way the dipole at the party said that already lost 10 pounds
and all thanks to an active lifestyle. Recall, at the end of last year, Eva Polna struck
fans of his new
way. The singer made a short youth haircut, much prettier, and
most importantly — incredibly thin! Fans of the stars in awe of this transformation:
for many, Eva is the example to follow. Polna,
which in recent years was a pretty lady with appetizing forms, collected
will in a fist, went in for sports and literally spelled out in the fitness room.

Eva Polna

The singer campaigned in his microblog fans to
sports outdoors: especially now that it is almost
any yard has all the necessary fitness equipment. “Only forward! In
fight!!! Workout on the lanes!!!! Here I think what to buy for autumn and winter,
to walk, to wander? Most importantly — the shoes!!!” — called dipole. In addition
training on simulators, eve regularly plays squash, a sports walk
with weights on their feet and dancing tango.

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