Gosh from the TV series “Sashatanya” with the scandal left the project

Гоша из сериала «СашаТаня» со скандалом покинул проект
Alexey Gavrilov refused to continue shooting in the popular series.

32-year-old actor Alexey Gavrilov, who plays a response in Russian sitcom
“I” decided to leave the project because he was tired
to be Gosha. All anything, but Gavrilov said the leadership of the channel TNT refusal
from his further participation in the project, just before the shooting another
series, from-for what there was a huge scandal.

Gavrilov explains his departure from “Sachitano”
the desire to move on. “I’m leaving with TNT,” says the actor. “I am deeply grateful
channel for the invaluable experience I gained here. But now I
For 32 years, and this is the age when you need to think before making decisions. I outgrew
your hero in every sense, so I have nothing more to do in the series. I want to go further, to star in another movie, for example, in the genre of science fiction”.

According to the artist, the main reason for leaving the show was his
hot passion HLS, contrary to the way “the parasite and alcoholic
Goshi”, which is “stuck” to him tightly, not only on screen but also in real
life. “Reading the script of the new series, I realized that no longer can
to support the ideology that promotes my hero,
— said Gavrilov. — He’s a lazy parasite who abuse alcohol. And I’m a completely different person, lead a healthy lifestyle and all call to this
same. I am very grateful to both actors and producers, and
channel, but at the moment I’m not ready to continue to play that role. After all, my character looks young, but someone probably is trying to imitate him!”

We will remind, on TNT Alexey Gavrilov, who graduated from VGIK, came in
2008, when he received the role of Gosha Rudkovskaya in one of the most popular
series “Univer”. Following this Gavrilov took part in
the spin-off of “Uni” — the sitcom “I” with Andrew
Giulana and Valentina Scar. The series is broadcast on the channel for three years.

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