Гордон сняла в своем клипе звезду шоу «Танцы»

Kate wrote many hits for stars of show business, this time she decided to please fans of his own execution.

The other day Russian TV and radio presenter, journalist, songwriter Catherine Gordon presented a new video for the song “Dance like there is no tomorrow”.

The official presentation of the video and the concert already took place some time ago and created a furor among fans of Katie.

According to the singer, the video has been the company repostproduction, which was attended by the star of the project “Dance” Evgeny Smirnov, as well as professional ballet dancers and a magician Andrey Safronov.

Catherine explained that the video, like the song, it is possible to characterize the main phrase of the song: “Dance like there is no tomorrow”.

“Eugene is the embodiment of strength and coping for many, he overcame the tragedy and the loss of his legs in the accident. Dance and his love of life has won”, – says the singer.

Gordon admitted that people admire her. Their strength, love and creativity overcome any hardship and passion. Song about it, like the clip…

“A time to love and dance! Dance like there is no tomorrow, love like there is no tomorrow. I’m glad everyone liked my song “Take Paradise” performed by Ani Lorak and “Go English” in the performance of Leps and Ani. Today I offer on your court my song in my performance. It’s called “Dance”. I hope you will understand and support me. Love! Dance!”

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