Nicole Kuznetsova boasted family happiness after the “Battle of psychics”

Николь Кузнецова похвалилась семейным счастьем после «Битвы экстрасенсов» Participant of the 16th season of the popular TV show Nicole Kuznetsova proved himself on the show as the best medium, and therefore confidently reached the finals. While a young mother supported her family – two sons and beloved husband.

      Николь Кузнецова похвалилась семейным счастьем после «Битвы экстрасенсов»

      To get the cherished glass “hand” failed. During his participation in the show, Nicole Miller supported her family – two sons and beloved husband. Subscribers gladly watch and now, after the end of the project, with the lives of the participants, and the psychic willingly shares with his fans pictures, which depicted her family.

      “I don’t like to think of matter-vanilla-pompous signature. Excuse me, friends. Just know that he is my life, and Stepan is my strength,” he told the fans in the microblog Nicole by posting a picture with his sons.

      Followers say that, judging by the photo, Kuznetsova exemplary family. “Nicole, You are beautiful”, “Not everyone is granted such a mother. You are a supermom, Under such pictures and signatures are not needed. The frame is very beautiful, delicate and strong at the same time! Looking at Your photos, it is clear that You are a good, caring mother. Happiness and health to you and your family!” – happy fans.

      Jap widow Nicole surprises in “the Battle of psychics”

      I must say that during my participation in the project, Nicole was very upset due to the fact that she hardly sees his family. “After grueling months of filming, where I left a lot of strength, I primarily want to relax, gather your thoughts and give time to the family that desperately lacked for “Battle”. I have a husband and two young sons, whom the mother alive, and not on the screen. While leaving a job I certainly did not intend”, – Kuznetsov said in an interview with “StarHit”.

      Николь Кузнецова похвалилась семейным счастьем после «Битвы экстрасенсов»

      It is interesting that now Nicole continues to help people, through their psychic abilities. Most often turning to her for advice in the field of romantic relationships.

      We will remind that in the beginning of the project, Nicole said that she is the widow of the famous crime boss Yaponchik, whose real name is Vyacheslav Ivankov. According to her, she was familiar with him since childhood, thanks to his father. For a long time the picture was taken as a child from close family. But when the glory of Kuznetsova, as the man is able to firmly deal with complex issues, Ivankov came to he immediately looked at her with different eyes. Psychic always remembers the advice that he gave her throughout life. The psychic says that brings up their son from him. After the death of Yaponchik Nicole vogla to regain their happiness in the face of TV presenter Alexander sadokov, which gave birth to an heir. The husband became her protection and support. With it, she managed to create a happy family.

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