Глюк'оZу поймали на обмане
Netizens have ridiculed the singer for photoshop.

Natalia Ionova recently got into an awkward situation. The singer once again decided to show off his stunning body, published a photo on which were traces of photoshop. Fans guessing with a photo editor Natalia “painted on” cheeks. In this part of the body of the actress was evident the spot, which, in the opinion of the users of the Network, was the result of inept use of photoshop.

“Photoshop in a hurry!”, “But why “finish” the ass? She is so cool figure!”, “With photoshop overdone of course… I am!” — wrote fans.

Natalie on the criticism of the fans in the comments have responded very rapidly. To prove his “innocence” she has published a series of pictures of his “fifth point”. “Gives you my “OPA”! As if someone wanted to, but she’s real!” — posted by Gluk’oza.

By the way, to argue that the singer is actually in excellent shape it is difficult to argue. She regularly proves it by appearances in “naked” dresses that allow you to live to see her figure in detail. So, even if singer uses photoshop, in real life, it still shows a perfect body.