Бритни Спирс потеряла голову от любви
Roman singer raises serious concerns of her friends.

Britney Spears and Sam Asgari

Photo: @britneyspears Instagram Britney Spears

Fans of the 35-year-old Britney Spears puzzled: singer
absolutely lost a head from love to his young lover. Not less
surprised and her friends: all the free time the singer spent with Sam Asgari and
can only talk about him and his feelings to the young Iranian. And the other day she
publicly confessed his love for Sam. This was announced by the publication dailymail.com.

“I love it!” — signed Spears photos Nude to the waist
Asgari, showing off his impressive musculature. This picture
she tweeted, was already far not the first indication of its
Hobbies Sam. However, the first joint photo with Britney posted in
his Instagram exactly Asgari. Thanks to this photo and found out about the affair
singer Sam, who has already managed to star in her music video.

Their first date took place in early November. Then
she invited him to a romantic dinner at a Japanese restaurant. And soon after
the first date was followed by a second, then the third… New Year, Spears met
also with Sam after spending all night with him at the club. At the same friends Britney is not
hide their concerns: they fear that Asgari’s just using

After all, Sam, who 10 years ago came to America from
Iran does not hide that wants to make a career in show business. The truth of any
abilities he hasn’t noticed. The only thing that Asgari may
count is of its imposing appearance and fine muscle over
the maintenance of which he works hard. By the way, Britney is far not
the first beauty of Hollywood, which falls victim to the charms of Sam. He
managed to charm a soloist of the group Fifth Harmony thanks to which he managed to “light up” in this clip
a musical band. Friends and fans of Britney fear that after
how Spears will help him to advance in the career plan, he will leave her for
the next “patron”….