Глюкоза поделилась своими секретами красоты
Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova, which the fans know under the pseudonym of Glucose, often communicates with his subscribers.

Глюкоза поделилась своими секретами красоты

She gives them tips on grooming, talks about beauty secrets.

Recently, Natalya talked with reporters and gave a detailed interview regarding appearance.

“Before, a lot of it was to his questions, could not do, and only recently I learned to accept myself for who I am. And, you know, this is a lovely, pleasant feeling, so now my answer is nothing. Of course, there is something not satisfied, because there is no limit to perfection, but it’s not a global thing. For example, if I want to pay attention to the buttocks, then I go to the gym, and not just sit on the couch with a scowl.

Although all of the surrounding say that I am much younger look with a bare face, and my husband I also prefer the second doll. It is a question of their own perception, and when I’m without makeup, I feel like I’m naked,” says the Glucose.

It should be noted that the singer looks amazing and won’t even say she is the mother of two adorable daughters.

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