Slava spoke about Victoria Boni Previously, Victoria condemned Slava's lifestyle.

< img class="aligncenter" src="/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/190a929eac2edf650f389be3f81bebc5.jpg" alt="Glory spoke about Victoria Boni" /> shy discusses celebrities. In the last issue, the former member of “House-2” spoke about the singer Slava. She said that she often visits male strip clubs. Bonya also remembered how she worked with Slava at one event. Then, even before her appearance on stage, the singer practically drank a bottle of whiskey and went to perform as if nothing had happened. And when she returned to the dressing room, she finished what she started. Victoria believes that such behavior is abnormal for a woman and generally does not approve of her lifestyle.

Slava spoke about Victoria Boni

Slava, of course, found out about the fact that her bones were washed on the show and decided to answer Bonet. She did not deny her passion for alcohol, saying that she was a star and could afford it. She is also in good health, so it is not difficult for her to drink a lot and work. And in conclusion, I decided to remind you that the reputation of the presenter herself is also not crystal clear.

“Everyone watched “Dom-2”, everyone accesses the Internet. Everyone saw both my jambs and Vika's jambs. What is normal or abnormal is not for us to decide for sure, Vikusya, but for our viewer and the listener. And this will determine the concert, full houses, which you will never have. But there will be oligarchs, because you are doing one thing very well, especially on TV. Strawberries are simple, “said Slava. Read more: 1 2 next. →

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