Хмурая Меган Маркл на месте убийства девочки

Хмурая Меган Маркл на месте убийства девочки

Megan secretly visited the scene of the murder of a girl who shook the whole of Africa! The Duchess of Sussex honored the memory of deceased…

The wife of Prince Harry, who along with the son abides in the Royal tour of South Africa, undertook a secret trip to the site of the murder of 19-year-old

Recall that in late August in Cape town the murder occurred, which straparola the whole of Africa. 19-the summer student of local University Ohinene Protane brutally murdered 42-year-old employee of the post office where she came to receive the package.

Хмурая Меган Маркл на месте убийства девочки

The Duchess could not pass up this tragedy, to stay away from this violent crime, and honored the memory of the deceased, what information can be found on the official page in Instagram. Megan along with the rest of the locals left near the post office ribbon as a sign of sympathy.

The Duchess tied the ribbon at the place where the last month has been killed 19-the summer student of Cape town to show solidarity with those who
demonstrates a stance against gender violence and feminism, from the official reports.

On one of the ribbons Megan also left a message in the local language: “We are with you in this situation. Harry and Megan”
According to witnesses, Megan was quite gloomy and had a brooding look. Local students wanted to make her some photos, but they were stopped by the security service that accompanied it.

Recall that during his tour of South Africa, Prince Harry and Megan visited the house of the Archbishop of Cape town Desmond tutu and Mrs tutu, which took young son Archie.

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