Девушка Павла Табакова покоряет Америку
Actress Maroussia Fomina returned from filming in Los Angeles.

Pavel Tabakov and Maria Fomina

Photo: Yuri Feklistov

Actress Maria Fomina — the girl Pavlo Tabakov — as her lover, makes confident steps in his acting career. She recently returned from Los Angeles, CA, where he participated in the filming of the video for the rapper Legalize “will Cover”.

Despite the fact that she is only 23 years old, from Marousi already great experience of filming, from commercials and music videos (in particular, with the band “Bi-2”) to the movie. In childhood she appeared in an episode of Vladimir Mashkov’s film “Papa”. And now, on account of St. Thomas and has the main role. Besides Marussia is occupied in performances of the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov, Lenkom and the theater of Nations.

In the clip Legalize “will Shelter” — a beautiful story about love — St. Thomas got the lead female role.

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