Александр Петров: «Мне не нужны большие дома, машины и яхты» Star of TV series “Police Rublyovka” told “StarHit” star sickness, trouble with the law and major critics. Alexander Petrov only recently have felt that such the present popularity.

      Александр Петров: «Мне не нужны большие дома, машины и яхты»

      Today on channel TNT starts the series “Police Rublyovka”, where Alexander Petrov played a major role. The young actor, who is increasingly seen in television projects, got involved in a true adventure, by accepting the role of a COP in a Comedy series. This is a story about Grisha Izmailovo – the man who is called to protect the peace and order in the best area of Russia, where incredibly rich people. A police officer investigating the case, often exceeding their authority, which, of course, has its consequences.

      The leading actor of serious problems with the law never had, but a party of interesting stories was still. That needs to be happy, how to avoid star fever and who to listen Alexander Petrov told “StarHit”.

      Thanks to the project “Police Rublyovka” you know more people. In the series you appeared in the role of the police. In the circle of your acquaintances there are people who work for the police?
      Александр Петров: «Мне не нужны большие дома, машины и яхты»I treat this profession with great respect. I have good friends working in the bodies of beautiful people with an innate sense of justice, intelligent, real men. And the best consultant for me was directed by Ilya Kulikov, he’s the man who wrote the script for “Grouse” and the police knowing the specifics. Preparing for the role, I really wanted to see the guys who work on the ruble, which are responsible for this area. But Ilya Kulikov talked me out of it. And since this is the man who wrote not one series about cops and know their work in detail, I agreed with him. He told me everything I needed to know about this work. He explained to me in detail every detail, every feature of their work that I have transgressed all the questions. So I don’t think drew would have more information if you went to the police. Still, we must not forget that the world that created shorebirds in this series, unrealistic, it is based on grotesque. But it is normal practice for film: take for example “pulp fiction” — there is also not all realistic, many things conditionally, but that the world created by Quentin Tarantino, involves and makes you believe him. So here: a lot of comic conventions, but our heroes still believe and empathize.
      Александр Петров: «Мне не нужны большие дома, машины и яхты»
      You have never had problems with the police? Surely a student would have to enter an ambiguous situation, as it usually is?
      Александр Петров: «Мне не нужны большие дома, машины и яхты»So I went to play in this series only to in the future, it was somehow easier for me on the roads with DPS. Joke. But if to speak seriously, I had no problems with the law, except the fines. And different situations occurred in my life. Outside the law I did not have to happen, but a funny story happened. In the city of Pereslavl lives my family: parents, sister. My niece was three or four years, she slept during the day. And I had to give up the car keys. On the phone and the intercom call is useless, disabled – and I crawled through the pipe. Third floor, balcony, behind the door is my sister’s husband. I understand that if we knock, it will scare the man. Well, he had nerve all right.—
      Sasha, you already know what is popular? How about that?
      Александр Петров: «Мне не нужны большие дома, машины и яхты»Bodrov-the senior has told: “To me Serezha came to St. Petersburg, we were supposed to attend the opening of the Museum, and it was after the movie “Brother”. After – walking down the street, turns around – we are 5 people, after some time 10, then 15, go quietly, not disturbing, not annoying, just two Bodrov are on Peter”. This aerobatics, although Bodrov was already a hero. When fans run up and tear you to pieces isn’t quite right, why do it? Yes, in the Russian show business, there are such characters, they apparently want. At the Cannes film festival, the city can quite happily walk Matthew McConaughey, no one runs up, smile at him, and he goes quietly at an outdoor cafe, drinking coffee. For me, this respect is the benchmark, it is necessary to aspire.—
      Have you seen, for example, colleagues, what is stardom? If she touched you in the beginning?
      Александр Петров: «Мне не нужны большие дома, машины и яхты»God forbid that I succumb to and remain himself. I am surrounded by good teachers, friends, they won’t let me make a wrong step. One of the most important people in my life – my agent Katya Kornilova. She believed in me when I was a student in the second year. I am a student who dreams about beautiful life, a nice apartment, to please the parents then tried to get into any project. Was absolutely green! Thank you Kate – out on a huge number of films of poor quality. Today, when choosing a role, I think in other categories, agree, only if the project will allow me to do something new, and thus to develop in the profession. But if we talk about money, they need to not to think about them. That is, this means normal and comfortable life. I don’t need big houses, fancy cars and yachts. I’d just like to have money, for example, for dinner with a good wine or an evening with my girlfriend. And money will definitely spoil people. Affect the behavior. I had a moment when I close people came up and said “Sasha, is something wrong” and I looked and realized what they were, and what claim.
      Александр Петров: «Мне не нужны большие дома, машины и яхты»
      You do not have to regret for agreeing to participate in the project “dancing with the stars”? What was the reason, when was it decided?
      Александр Петров: «Мне не нужны большие дома, машины и яхты»“Dancing” is sort of an experiment on myself. I am a supporter of the opinion that you should always try something new, knock yourself out of your comfort zone, to overcome difficulties. Thus, you change, become better. Instinct told me that today I would be useful to take part in this project. And I hope that he will give me some inner door, and I find myself in some new buttons that then I will be happy to use in the profession.—
      Who most often consult? Who is your authority?
      Александр Петров: «Мне не нужны большие дома, машины и яхты»In high school I trained myself to wherever I shot, whatever I did, always be near his master, Leonid Heifetz. Every time I need a rating, I internally refer to him with the question: “What are you now going to tell me?” Then step up and try to objectively assess. And in this moment I feel better.My favorite Director Oleg Menshikov once said: “Criticism of me is not important, important to me just my opinion”. Of course, I’m not too happy about criticism. I like it much more, when you praise, they learn on the streets. I’m a living man (smiles). But probably there’s some kind of corn. I try not to pay attention on an empty grumbling and criticism for the sake of embellishment. Take into account only the constructive comments and feedback. And, of course, it’s very important the opinion of relatives. They say – and praise, and scold – like feel, not to show off. They are not all the same. But after hearing them, I make conclusions independently.—
      Where will we see you in the future? What will happen with Alexander Petrov in a few years?
      Александр Петров: «Мне не нужны большие дома, машины и яхты»Maybe in some time I’m going to try his hand at directing. I studied at the directing Department, despite the fact that the group was acting, we really spent a lot of time in the classroom for direction, where I learned a lot of knowledge. But I understand that until you have the right to do it. The idea, of course, but they procrastinate. I’m sure if an actor wants to make a movie, he should forget for the time about your acting career! And I would like to try their hand at international projects. Generally you want a good movie, real stories about real people, whom I want to surrender 100 percent!

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