Джордж Клуни предупредил, что собирается разрушить карьеру Брэда Питта

George Clooney does not feed bread, give me someone to play. The next victim of the jokes of the actor soon risks becoming his good friend brad pitt.

The other day George said that his friend needed to be on guard, because he’s already launched a lottery, which “will put an end to his career.

“I’m working on a joke that would end his career. You only need not to hurry and to wait a few years. I planted the seeds, and they germinate”, said Clooney in an interview with Vanityfair.

Note that brad pitt is not the first time becomes the main person of the jokes Clooney.

So, in the beginning of pitt’s relationship with Angelina Jolie, George decided to play a trick is not so much on how many over all others. In Hollywood there was a rumor that were Brangelina are going to get married, and intend to do it secretly, and the venue of the ceremony called the house of Cluny.

To warm up these messages George decided almost a full organization of weddings. All came down to the fact that the estate was decorated for the coming celebrations. For several weeks, Clooney began to watch around his house almost spent the night crowds of journalists waiting to feast Jolie and pitt, and in the sky circling helicopters – the media do not spare money to take pictures of weddings from the air. Later, Clooney admitted that he even wanted to hire actors to have played the wedding and the media decided that it’s Angelina and brad.

By the way, to cast Clooney loves not only his friends but also colleagues. One day on behalf of brad pitt, George sent a book on acting, Oscar-winner Meryl Streep, accompanied by this message: “Dear Meryl, this book helped me to prepare for his role in the movie “Troy”. Hope it will come in handy”.

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