Джордж Клуни впервые прокомментировал беременность Амаль
The actor admitted that is inspired by the example of Jean-Paul Belmondo.

George and Amal Clooney


Although pregnancy Amal Clooney became known for
more than a month ago, George just recently gave French
TV program of the Rencontres de Cinema interview in which for the first time spoken publicly on the subject. The actor has agreed to answer a few questions from reporters about the upcoming
the new addition to his family. This was reported by the website people.com.

“My wife and I are really happy for us
it’s a real adventure. So we are waiting for the addition to the family with widely
open arms!” said George Clooney and with a smile told about the reaction of his team on this news. When numerous friends star has learned that Clooney will soon be a father too
another two kids, they absolutely teased. “As soon as
in conversation there is a pause, they together begin to portray the crying babies: “WA-WA!” — admitted Clooney.

When George asked does not bother him if that he first
going to be a father at a late age, the actor laughed. “Well, I’m inspired by the example
Jean-Paul Belmondo. When his second wife Natalie gave birth to Tardivel, he was already
70. My case is a bit better: by the time the kids I will be
only 56!” — replied the actor.

Recall that the first announced his wife’s pregnancy
George host of the TV show The Talk Julie Chen, who learned about it from the actor. Soon the news
and his mother confirmed Clooney, who told us that her son and his wife will soon become
proud parents of twins — boy and girl. A happy event in
George is expected in June.