Фанаты сфотографировали дочку Виктории Дайнеко
Fans gave the singer the persecution.

Victoria Dayneko

Photo: @victoriadaineko (Instagram Victoria Dayneko)

Cheryl Cole and her year-old daughter got into a very bad situation. Recently, the singer came to the children’s entertainment center to have fun. However, Victoria was a little miscalculated their capabilities. The fact that the visitors from the first minute found out the artist and started to pursue. Dayneko tried to hide from prying his daughter, but the couple of fans still managed to make a few frames.

“Today, thanks to them I felt at the zoo. They took their children with them, and stood behind a fence and watched as we play with the child and pointing, so even with the phone in his hands. I’m paranoid of course, but always worried that the daughter had never been photographed. You have the right. People are different. From these mothers to escape was useless, they pursued us at every step with their curious glances, so even paying for a couple of hours I ran out of there in 15 minutes and I’ll never go back.

And don’t tell me about the fact that I’m a singer and that is obliged to tolerate these eternal views of yourself. Sometimes I’m just a mom and a girl who is not to blame for profession mom and I also want to quietly play with her like all of you, and not be a monkey in a cage… but tact is apparently for some a luxury!” said Daineko.

However, to the delight of the singer, photos of her baby and has not appeared. Recall that Vic cares not only about the fact that nobody was filming her daughter, but that the girl’s name was kept in the strictest confidence.This position, by the way, greatly annoyed some of her fans.