Гела Месхи рассказал, как они с Климовой пережили ее развод

Ekaterina Klimova year ago found his true happiness. The actress, who previously raised three children from previous marriages, a daughter, a beloved man (part-time, the child’s father) was offered the hand and heart and led her to the Registrar.

The official marriage of Catherine and actor Gela Meskhi. In honor of this date, the man decided to talk about life together with Klimova, on the current happiness and difficult path that had to go for its acquisition.

“I think the marriage has bonded our relationship. Before I could go out with friends to hang out – watch football in the bar. And today I don’t need it anymore, I can watch the football on TV at home in the family. So I gained a lot more than lost. So today I can safely call myself a happy man. I have a wonderful family,” began Gela interview.

According to the man, not fall in love with Klimova from the first glance he just couldn’t, and the reason is because those human qualities that she is exhibiting: “For what love? She is open, caring, affectionate, it emits heat. It probably has all the qualities that should be a woman”.

The marriage of Meskhetians became Klimova third. The actor met on the way Katie just when she was going through a difficult period. As recognized Gela, the development of the relations under such conditions was especially difficult, however, overcome all difficulties, Ekaterina and Gela found true happiness in each other and in the face of their General’s daughter Bella.

“It was a difficult period, – says Gela. Photographers were everywhere – in bushes, under cars… I Wrote some shit. Where you getting this information, is unclear. We tried as much as possible not to pay attention, although it was hard and wanted to scream: “Guys, enough, leave us alone!” Survived all and live on.”

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