Гарик Мартиросян остался без волос Resident of Comedy Club kept his promise. If you win, favorite football team, the showman promised to shave his head. “Manchester United” has won thanks to a goal Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Martirosyan congratulated the favorite football club by this unexpected act.

      Гарик Мартиросян остался без волос

      Resident of Comedy Club Garik Martirosyan is a football fan. Showman watching the matches of your favorite teams, and even dares to argue on the losses and winnings of the clubs. Apparently, before the game “Manchester United” and “Tottenham” Martirosyan gave a promise to shave his head. Garik was struggling with rooting for the player with Armenian roots of Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

      After athletic scored the goal, “Manchester United” won a victory over Tottenham with the score 1:0. The striker himself took the ball away and dragged him through half-pitch. Martirosyan wrote in a microblog: “I Promise, if Mkhitaryan will score and man UTD win, I shave my head! I shaved my head as promised”, – said the showman.

      Users of the social network began to actively demand a photograph that would prove to them that he changed his image. “Martirosyan said Martirosyan did!”, – showed a new image of star Comedy Club.

      Followers of the controversial comedian reacted to his hair. “You go this haircut!”, “Then let go of the beard!”, “Long had – very stylish and cool”, “Just so different! Younger, just refreshed!”, “A man of my word!”, “You are such a hair, it is time Dmitry Nagiyev move,” wrote in the comments Martirosyan. Usually on other images and small videos on his Instagram Garik posed in the cap, which caused a lot of jokes from fans.

      Judging by the posts of the wife of Garik Jeanne, he managed to appear in a new image on the birthday of Evgeny papunaishvili. However, the head of the comedian adorned the black hat, in which it traditionally appears in public in the company of friends. With the snapshot in the company of the birthday boy began the questions of the fans about how the comedian kept his word about changing hairstyles.

      Unfortunately, favourite player showman Mkhitaryan will probably not be able to participate in the next game. “We don’t think he’s badly injured, but during the week he may not be able to play. A couple of weeks Henry will be back. Maybe one week of rest will allow him to be fresher in the Boxing Day”, – said the chief coach of Manchester United, Jose Mourinho. Next match with “Manchester United” is scheduled for December 14. After Christmas favourite team Martirosyan will meet with the clubs, “Sunderland”, “Middlesbrough” and “West ham”.