Kirk Douglas drank a glass of vodka for its 100-year anniversary

Кирк Дуглас выпил рюмку водки за свой 100-летний юбилей
Party on the occasion of the celebration of the birthday of veteran Hollywood lasted until the morning.

Kirk Douglas with son Michael


Became known the details of the recently held
the Grand celebration of the 100th anniversary of Kirk Douglas,
included in the history of Hollywood, thanks to brilliant performance of the role of Spartacus in
the eponymous film by Stanley Kubrick in 1960. The party told the reporter

Kirk, starring during his career in nine-plus
dozens of films and TV series, earned numerous awards, including “Oscar”
and two Golden globes, met its anniversary surrounded by family and friends.
Hero of the day have pleased the audience with his excellent form: he was in good spirits and demonstrated
the presence of a sense of humor. “I have three sons and I could not decide who
trust the right to our holiday. Decided to choose Michael, at least because
him more money!” said the birthday boy. However, not only did Michael become a celebrity, two other sons, Kirk – Joel and Peter also successfully work as a movie producers in Hollywood.

As for the eldest son of Kirk — Michael Douglas, who came to the anniversary with his wife, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, he is in the role of master of ceremonies said in honor of father’s heartfelt speech. And, in
particular, noted that without Kirk, which he always tried
to follow, it is unlikely to reach his position. Separately
Douglas Jr. thanked his stepmother, 96-year-old wife, Kirk — Ann, also present at the anniversary,
saying that without its support, the father is unlikely to have lived to such a ripe old age.

Moved looked and 69-year-old Director Steven Spielberg, who came to
anniversary on crutches: managed to obtain at a recent shooting injury. “I have worked with many of the best actors, Stephen said. But
even among them kirk is a true star!”. The celebration, which lasted until 5 a.m.
Kirk made a spectacular gesture: with the permission of the doctor he famously drank in honor of
his birthday glass of vodka — no way, in honor of their ancestors, immigrants from