Гарик Харламов стал обвиняемым на американском суде
Humorist showed a new picture.

Photo: Instagram

Garik Kharlamov recently received an unusual gift from one fan. He was sent a cartoon which, contrary to his usual image, he depicts is not funny, but rather puzzled. Drawing the star of the show “Comedy Club” very much and he decided to show it throughout his nearly chetyrehbalnoy audience in Instagram.

“If I were a different person and I’d show this picture, I would never say that it’s the comedian, — shared his impressions of the portrait of Kharlamov. — A feeling that this is a drawing of the accused in American court during the reading of the sentence.”

As you know, at the meetings of the American court allowed to make photo and video. Therefore, when considering high-profile cases there are artists who sketch the most interesting moments during the meeting.

Garik is really with the law, all right, and he is unlikely to really ever be accused in court. But in violation of the law he has recently faced. Resident of Comedy Club from their friends and acquaintances learned that his image was illegally used by people associated with gambling.

As it turned out, the Network “walks” the story about Kharlamov due to luck became fabulously rich. Convincing the crooks put together a video with Garik. He was unpleasantly surprised, seeing herself in the advertising, which was not signed.

“Hello, dear friends! In the Network walks some stupid video where they say that I broke some kind of real money on the game site. I want to say that this is an absolute lie, a lie. No jackpot on the gaming sites I’m not broke and never played. This is absolute heresy! So, please, do not believe. Do not click any links. I don’t feature in this clip. Moreover do not call anyone to play. Why do it on my behalf? This is pure fraud!” — Kharlamov wrote in the microblog.