Гарику Харламову вручили сертификат на пожизненное похудение
Resident “Comedy Club” received an unusual gift.

Photo: Instagram

Show “Comedy Club” is slowly but surely adopting some of the traditions of transfer of “Field of dreams”. Guests comedians on TNT increasingly come to the shooting program with gifts. However, not with the banks cucumbers and personally caught and salted fish, and usually with their discs, books… But one lady was amazed even experienced a lot in 15 years in show business Garik Kharlamov and Will Paul.

The mistress own beauty salon and part-time girlfriend Anna Sedokova (which led her to a “Comedy Club”) gave Kharlamov a life certificate for slimming in its institution. In particular, it promised that without spending much time just lying on the couch with the help of micro-Garik will make the perfect press. The comedian was so shocked that not even once I found what to say to a girl.

But for this reason plenty of “walked” Pavel Volya, who advised to take advantage of the offer. He did not yet know, and that for him the girl has prepared a gift. Wife Laysan Utyasheva handed over the certificate to create a “Brazilian butt”. Even the comedian was initially reluctant to accept such a strange gift, but a friend Sedokova said that Armenia is not customary to refuse gifts, so I had to take. It is not known if using Paul this certificate.

By the way, the leader of the “Comedy Club” Garik Martirosyan was also gifted in absentia (it was not on these shots). He was given a certificate for laser hair removal of the nose. Hurt the Comedy nobody wanted, just that he’s big and hairy Mr. Martirosyan often joked in the times of the winner and the owner of the salon decided to make him a themed gift.