Галина Юдашкина откровенно рассказала о том, почему отказалась рожать в России
Whether the daughter of the couturier wanted a son became an American citizen?

Galina Yudashkin with her husband Peter Maklakovym and son Arkady

Photo: @gyudashkina Instagram Galina Yudashkina

Both grandson Valentin Yudashkin was born in America. About
a month ago his daughter Galina in Florida gave birth to a second son. When it became
it is known that Yudashkin again getting ready to give birth to a child for
ocean rumors about the reasons of such a choice. Detractors accused
Galina for lack of patriotism. It was criticized for allegedly
“chasing” that her children have received American

Galina has long ignored the unflattering comments, but
decided to tell all “as a spirit”. According to her, both sons and so
would become citizens of America, as Peter Maksakov, the husband of Halina and father
boys — American. In fact, Galina flew to give birth in the States because
weather. At the end of March in the capital comes not the most favorable period: few
sun and slushy. And Yudashkina wanted small Arkady necessarily
after birth received their “dose” of vitamin D.

Both times Galina gave birth coverage from different doctors. Is
note that the second birth Umaskini lasted more than 10 hours. The daughter of fashion designer
was hoping to do much faster, but it turned out even longer than the first time. The second baby was born not very large. Arcadia weight at birth was 2650 grams, height 50
inches. Soon Galina with children and mother, who also flew in
America, plan to return to Russia and Valentin finally personally see a newborn grandson.