Федору Бондарчуку приписали роман с Паулиной Андреевой The environment Director says about his relationship with a young actress. However, neither Fyodor Bondarchuk, nor Paulina Andreeva officially confirm these rumors.

      Федору Бондарчуку приписали роман с Паулиной Андреевой

      The news of the divorce, Fedor and Svetlana Bondarchuk of was not for their fans a big surprise. Despite the fact that the couple had been legally married for more than 25 years, recently they showed a family gathering. The Director and the actress rarely appeared together at social events, vacationing separately from each other and not even trying to maintain the appearance of a happy family.

      Fedor and Svetlana Bondarchuk announced the divorce

      It is noteworthy that Bondarchuk did not begin to disclose the reasons for divorce. However, in an environment of the Director has long been rumored that he’s having an affair with a young actress. According to the insiders reported that Fedora with Svetlana separated the star of the series “Method” Paulina Andreeva. Allegedly, 27-year-old actress carefully hides the relationship with the Director. So, on the eve of the awards ceremony of the Association of producers of cinema and television actress appeared alone.

      Федору Бондарчуку приписали роман с Паулиной Андреевой

      It is worth mentioning that the prerequisites for divorce from Bondarchuk appeared several months ago. Svetlana unexpectedly for members changed the settings on his microblog, removing the name Bondarchuk. She later justified, saying that it was an accident. Even then, however, fans suspected that married stars there are some problems.

      “The whole situation was completely stupid, – says Svetlana. – Me to my friend Renata Litvinova said: “What is your nick — a030aa?”. I thought it really looks a bit strange, and tried to register the name Bondarchuk. But all accounts with that name has already been taken. And since I do not quite understand what I am changing, was released this situation”.In addition, Svetlana said that even in the case of divorce she still would have left their husband’s family name.

      Recall that in mid-March, the couple announced their intention to leave. “With love and gratitude to each other for years, lived together, became close friends, maintaining a mutual respect and love for our family, we, Fedor and Svetlana Bondarchuk, to announce: we have decided to divorce. The time together was wonderful, but today we parted ways because of this fact there are no conflicts, grievances, or controversies. We are no longer a couple but remain friends,” reads the official statement of the spouses.

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