Дочка Майкла Джексона влюбилась в барабанщика
A new love helped Paris to forget her ex-fiance.

Paris Jackson

Photo: Splash News/East news

The last couple of weeks
17-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson happy friends and relatives. After
the prolonged depression that followed the breakup with her last
boyfriend, on the face of Paris returned the smile. And healed the girl new
a novel, recently broke out between her and musician Michael Snoddy. Happy
daughter Jackson has shared her joint photographs with Snoddy in
the social network.

How can see
fans of Paris, in her life now everything is new — and love, and even hairstyle. Obviously
under the influence of her new boyfriend she decided to change the image. Brunette Paris
dyed platinum blonde and got a haircut “hedgehog” in
punky style.

New friend
Paris — Michael is 26 years old, he’s the drummer from fashion
Los Angeles band Street Drum Corps. Snoddy wears her hair in a “Mohawk” style and covered with tattoos.
Among them there is one, has already managed to cause a storm of outrage from fans Paris.
Michael made a “tattoo” depicting the Confederate flag of the slaveholding
during the Civil war in the United States, gave reason to all Internet users
to accuse young man of being racist. “Nothing
like, there’s a big difference between racism and pride in the southern States!” — parried musician.

As for Paris,
desperately fell in love with Snoddy, she in a few days turns 18. And
this means that by will Jackson, she will have access to the first “tranche” of his
inheritance. And it gave the gossips suspected that Michael hunt
millions the king of pop. Perhaps this assumption is true. However,
actually the rumors about the upcoming wealth of the heirs of Jackson was clearly
exaggerated. As it turned out, from
the inheritance will have to make enormous payments in the form of taxes and repayment of
debts. So in the end Paris and her two brothers can get quite a bit.

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