Фронтмент Motley Crew может получить полгода тюрьмы

Rockers known for his explosive temper. Recently, it has demonstrated the group’s vocalist Mötley Crüe Vince Neil. Man accused of beating woman who was just trying to get his autograph. For what he did Neil have to bear the responsibility, namely, to serve his sentence of six months in prison.

The event, which Vince was accused of such a period, occurred a couple of months ago at the entrance to a casino in Las Vegas.

Neil was then accompanied by his friend, Hollywood actor Nicolas cage. An unknown blonde approached the cage to get an autograph, but when Vince saw Nicolas approaching the lady, grabbed her by the hair and threw him on the floor. Such behavior from his friend certainly did not expect the actor, and therefore hastened to meet him with his fists. Between friends, a fight broke out, which was held under the scrutiny of the assembled crowd.

But if eminent friends (both were not quite sober) quickly made up, then the injured lady sued the abuser. She says that since then suffers from pain in the neck and back. At her side, and recordings from surveillance cameras, which recorded the fact of abuse with her musician Mötley Crüe.

Note that, on account of Vince’s for several arrests and punishments, as imprisonment, community service, and material compensation.


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