Друзья Тома Хиддлстона заявляют, что он сам бросил Тейлор Свифт

Novel of Tom Hiddleston and Taylor swift for many was a shock, but the news of the imminent separation of the pair did not surprise anyone.

Secular chroniclers are unanimous in their opinion that these two are from different worlds, because they can’t be together ever.

What was the cause of the breakup and who was its initiator? Here the parties diverge in versions: Taylor says that she left a 35-year-old Briton, but Tom’s friends say the situation was reversed – say, Hiddleston decided to put an end to this hopeless romance.

Surrounded by the stars “Night Manager” says that breaking the relationship with Taylor he wanted, because he couldn’t stand her meddling.

This statement by swift is that it can not parried.

We will remind, Roman Tom and Taylor lasted just less than three months.

For the first time the singer and actor were spotted together on June 14. Then the newspaper The Sun published photos of the couple kissing on the beach in a swarm island.

The novel began and developed rapidly, Tom and Taylor even managed to meet each other’s parents. Apparently hastened to move to a more serious level…