Французские страдания: почему Скарлетт Йоханссон и Натали Портман готовы уйти от мужей Live in Paris – the cherished dream of many girls. As it turned out, not all stay in the French capital, brings happiness. Hollywood divas ready to say goodbye to the city just to return home.

      Французские страдания: почему Скарлетт Йоханссон и Натали Портман готовы уйти от мужей

      Recently both Actresses often see anywhere but at home their spouses. 31-year-old Scarlett gravitates to new York. As a token of love to this city, the actress even made on the right wrist tattoo of a bracelet with a pendant that says I love NY. At the dawn of the novel with her future husband, she cherished the dream to buy a house with a fireplace in the West village and in the fall to make pies in the cosy kitchen. But now, shortly before the second anniversary of the wedding, Scarlett does not live in the house with views of the ocean and the plane over the Atlantic. And that it does not suit.

      A 35-year-old Natalie Portman lit up this summer in London – not only without a husband but no wedding ring. This allowed to assume that her French fairy tale something also went awry.

      Those pesky Parisians

      When in may 2012 Scarlett Johansson met with the journalist and PR Romain Doriana, she was fascinated by his personal Paris – the city’s artistic underground and unrecognized geniuses. The lovers rented an apartment above the cafe, where the evening playing accordion. The actress started learning French in order to join the ranks of relatives and friends of the Romaine. But very soon on a glossy postcard happiness Scarlett appeared first dark spots.

      “Parisians were horrible boors,” she said of the American press. For example, they never give way. When you walk down the street in new York the crowd is dancing and the people here just the rod right through. Before I tried to maneuver, but gradually learned to push and began to behave in the street as aggressively as they are.”

      Moreover, it became clear that the move is not too well-mounted Hollywood career Scarlett.

      “Her life in Paris is slowly turning into a very boring nightmare,” said the friends actress last year. The city did not become her mother, she wants to move with her husband and daughter in new York or Los Angeles. Romain, if you call a spade a spade, an unemployed, it makes no difference where you live. But he considers himself artistic nature, hates Hollywood and the American way of life, stays home all arms and legs. We all think Scarlett still has not broke up with that snob just because he’s the father of her child.”
      Французские страдания: почему Скарлетт Йоханссон и Натали Портман готовы уйти от мужей

      In many ways, the problems of the actress related to the fact that the French were not given. Circle of friends Scarlett was essentially restricted to loved ones – even for at the very least English-speaking friends, she remains a stranger. Compatriots Romain is famous for being extremely tight bond with foreigners, and without a language of friendship with them, hope is not worth. Of course, Scarlett feels abandoned, alone and lonely, so grabs every opportunity to go to America to work and sat there obscenely long.

      And still not to lose contact with her husband, she has too often fly back and forth across the ocean, too. This year’s series of tragic events in Europe have given her a strong argument to take the baby rose to America permanently. Even if it leads to divorce.


      Французские страдания: почему Скарлетт Йоханссон и Натали Портман готовы уйти от мужей

      Natalie Portman no claims to Paris. It there think its since the filming of the cult film ‘Leon’, she knows the language, understands the local culture and customs. The only thing the actress does not understand is why her son Aleph bezvylazno to sit in the French capital when her husband Benjamin millepied longer works artistic Director of the Paris Opera.

      “He has held the post for only 15 months – say friends of the couple. – And now returned to his touring troupe, LA Dance Project, leaving Natalie alone. She wondered whether it was necessary to change her usual way of life in Los Angeles, the city that she loves much more of Paris. What she had suffered such tremendous stress?”

      For two years in France, Natalie confessed many times that he misses California. “For me, Los Angeles is the place where you create new and interesting art, it is impregnated very nice to me creative energy,” she says. – Paris is also beautiful, but I still prefer to look at it through the eyes of a tourist. Living here, I realized that the mentality of the Americans and the French are very different, we’re different.”

      However, as they move Benjamin was conceived as continuous, back to Natalie with a young son yet nowhere. “Family relationships have deteriorated, Natalie now believes that hastened with the decision, they say close to a couple of people. Ben seemed to have forgotten that his reckless or impulsive actions affect all members of the family.

      The appearance of Natalie on 24 June at London’s Chiltern Firehouse without a wedding ring was the proof that they with Benjamin relations actually deteriorated further. “Natalie tried to sound cheerful, but it was evident that her thoughts were somewhere very far away, – eyewitnesses tell. – She kept rubbing the finger on which was supposed to be a ring. Everyone noticed that she had a lot on his mind”.