Развод года, и кто поедет к Деду Морозу? My investigation of the high-profile collapse of a married couple whose marriage consisted of 29 years. Over the past weeks, the whole country is discussing the horrific details of the breakup of billionaire Dmitry Buriak and his wife Margaret.

      Развод года, и кто поедет к Деду Морозу?

      Personally, I have in this story is great hope for the little girl. She was born on the night after the broadcast and that are now her grandmother, uncle, aunt, all the relatives and friends, not suspects. The baby lies in the cradle, looking at his beautiful mother Lida, which we once were friends. About Santa Claus going to tell her a couple of years, and a book of fairytales she read a very long time.

      I don’t know which she likes best, but her grandmother still believes in fairy tales and turning to Dmitri, the ex-husband of his youngest daughter Margaret (the grandmother of our newborn), says: “I would like that they the world all divided and separated, remaining friends, not enemies.”

      The ex-wife of billionaire Buriak revealed horrific details of the break up with him

      The suburban Palace, which ten years, built for wife Rita and their three children oligarch Dmitry Buriak, strikes luxury. “About a thousand square meters, sophisticated equipment, marble and painting. This bedroom with exit to the terrace, and the bathroom here is in the Gothic style. The East room of the eldest daughter of Diana, the office of the son – we assume he will become a follower of the father, the boudoir to meet my friends”, – conducts a tour of Margarita Buriak.

      Развод года, и кто поедет к Деду Морозу?

      Circle classic, a lot of gold – she strokes the figure of a Little Cupid, embracing a Swan, and continues: “We bought a house in France, and there was a fountain of a single piece of marble, neglected, moss covered, we cleaned and moved to Moscow. Here Billiards, Dima likes, and I love tennis.”

      Former owner calls, and the approximate cost of the mansion – $ 20 million. And this is not all the real estate of spouses who have been married for twenty-nine years. Three apartments in the Russian capital, the Park of luxury cars, a Villa in nice, houses in Austria, the Baltic States and Ukraine. The business company selling vitamins and dietary Supplements – they are conceived as a family and came up together. Margaret, not throwing the care of children and housework, held the position of Director of development, was wound on business trips, helping the husband in everything. She was so proud of my favorite!

      “The cause of the conflict our relationship is still in business. I didn’t agree with the strategy of my ex-wife to organize in Russia the dubious production and to market the product is of poor quality, that is a pacifier,” admitted Margaret.
      Развод года, и кто поедет к Деду Морозу?

      “Sometimes I ask, who would you like to be on a desert island? I live with a man! And if we ran aground in the middle of the ocean, I would have few worries. I’m not afraid today, we are the business, no business, and most importantly, we are together,” she told reporters five years ago.

      Even after learning about the novels wife on the side, Margherita gave him a chance to change everything, especially Dmitry asked. But this year patience ran out.

      The second family, which the husband brought to Ukraine by changing the citizenship – so supposedly better for the development of the company, the assets of which constitute today almost a billion dollars, she is simply not managed and filed for divorce. Shortly before the trial, they quietly talked with Dmitry in their suburban Palace, and Rita took out a phone, recorded how he, smiling, said: “I congratulate, you became the owner of such a beautiful space… I am ready tomorrow to go to a notary public… will Fulfill all the promises that you gave, complete and unconditional division of property…”

      A few days after they have dissolved Margarita was not allowed on the threshold of the house guard: “Mr Abramovich said, you ex-wife, so have no right to live here”.

      Then she closed the access to the office, but most importantly – the charitable Foundation “Mission,” which she headed for many years: 50 children’s homes were in the custody of Rita, with her help, the children of Israel beheld annually traveled to the homeland of Ded Moroz in Veliky Ustyug.

      Not a single bad word in the address of former spouse I Margarita did not hear: “In the joys and in sorrows we were together… I just can’t believe. But in my situation may be thousands of women, and I will go by the law, will get the truth. Going to look for her, and for what it’s worth”.