Francia rice fell into a depression after I donated Selena Gomez kidney

Франсия Райса впала в депрессию, после того как пожертвовала Селене Гомес почку

In the autumn of last year, Selena Gomez went through a difficult kidney transplant, which was required due to the diagnosis of lupus erythematosus (an autoimmune disease). Selena’s friend Francia rice, which has become a donor to important body survived the surgery worse, because restoring it took a lot longer. The body of the Rice was coming out of it long enough, from-for what that is faced with serious psychological problems.

Франсия Райса впала в депрессию, после того как пожертвовала Селене Гомес почку

Selena supported her friend and shared her depression. “The social worker, who I asked, what can I expect, said I will not be easy, since I will lose what I need. Selena gets what she needs, so she will recover faster. And so it was. We have with Selena was depressed,” said Francia in a recent interview.

After the operation the Rice has no appetite. The girl did not eat and did not want to drink. “Recovery was very difficult. I could not lead an active lifestyle, so I just went” — she said.

After surgery on the belly of Francia left a rather big scar, which she says rather philosophically: “Scars are part of you, your story. They make you special, different from others,” says rice.

Франсия Райса впала в депрессию, после того как пожертвовала Селене Гомес почку
Early Selena Gomez talked about his experiences in the broadcast of NBC News. On the air, the actress came not alone but together with her friend Francia Rasoi. The girl with tears in his eyes told about the brave act of his girlfriend. Selena assures journalists that Francia saved her life with such act and infinitely grateful to her for that. The artist admitted that he would not dare to ask someone to such a desperate step for the sake of it. “In the end, I came home, after learning about the diagnosis, and then Francia decided to volunteer.” says Gomez.

Recall that a few years ago, the doctors told about the diagnosis of the singer — lupus erythematosus (autoimmune disease). Because of this, needed a kidney transplant. Artist of the summer not appeared in public and was not pleased with the news about his work. It turned out that her close friend decided to become a volunteer and donate his kidney to save the life of the singer. “I know many of my fans noticed that the part of summer I appeared in public, and wondered why I don’t promote my songs that are very proud of. In General, I learned that I needed a kidney transplant due to lupus. It was necessary for my health,” explained Gomez in his instagram, posted a picture of she and Francia to hold hands. Girls lying in hospital beds and smiling.