Экс-«ангел» Victoria’s Secret Катя Григорьева встречается с футболистом

After the separation from her husband, former “angel” Victoria’s Secret Kate Grigorieva started an affair with a footballer Anton Shunin.

2016 was a turning point in the life of Russian model Katya Grigoryeva. She ended the contract with Victoria’s Secret, which made her the first “angel” from Russia and Grigorieva broke up with her husband, a serviceman Alexander, whom she married in August 2015. But the model was one very long: new elect Katie was a soccer player Anton Shunin.

Former “angel” Victoria’s Secret she told about the affair followers on instagram. She put their joint photo with the telling hashtag #Castelluccio. Note the athlete in the pictures Grigorieva did not, but fans of the model quickly recognized him.

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