Бывший участник «Братьев Грим» обнажился в общественном месте Boris Burdayev ran through the corridors of the hotel with his pants down. The ex-soloist of group “Brothers Grim” singing in the new band. After a successful performance artist has decided on an extraordinary act.

      Бывший участник «Братьев Грим» обнажился в общественном месте

      Known group “the Brothers Grimm” in the early 2000s was at the peak of his popularity. Their hit “Eyelashes” has become a real calling card for young musicians, Boris and Konstantin Burdaeva. This song is loved by millions of listeners, making the red-haired brothers-twins are real people’s Pets. Soon, however, between actors, differences of opinion emerged. As said Boris, Constantine wanted to sing their own songs, which musician has long concealed from the public. That is why he initiated the collapse of the team. Each of the twins decided to go their separate ways and continue to conquer the musical Olympus. Now Boris and Konstantin, independently from each other, created their own group.

      So, yesterday in the capital took place the concert of Boris Burdaeva. Apparently, the performance was successful and full of emotions the musician has decided to commit an extraordinary act. After the concert in the entertainment centre of the hotel, Boris and his team decided to continue the fun in the room. However Burdayev was in such an elated mood that he allowed himself to drop his pants and run around the hotel corridors naked. Moreover, this specific appearance in public was accompanied by the loud cries of the artist, which undoubtedly caused some inconvenience to the hotel guests. Reportedly, the hotel soon managed to calm musician.

      I must say that getting this video into the Network of very excited fans Burdaeva. Many could not understand the reasons of such behaviour of Boris in a public place, suggesting that perhaps he could commit such an extraordinary act only on a dare.

      We will remind that after disintegration of group “Brothers Grim” between twins has been some debate because of the name of the team. After they decided to develop their work independently of each other, Boris said that he would like to re-use the group name “the Brothers Grim”, which was remembered multimillion army of fans. But because they disagree brother, the musician decided to create the group under a slightly altered name. Now Boris has his own project “Boris the Makeup and “the Brothers Grimm”. Constantine also began recording new songs with his musicians.

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