Oksana Pushkina analyzed Katya Gordon in his new program

Оксана Пушкина «препарировала» Катю Гордон в своей новой программе

The return of Oksana pushkinaís on TV was a success. It turned out to be loud and outrageous, the same as the new project star, who recently started on NTV.

Pushkin decided to give a sequel to his very popular program “the Female sight” and created a “Mirror for the hero”, where Oksana invites the heroes to look at themselves and understand what they managed to achieve over some period of time.

The debutante show Oksana became a ballerina Anastasia Volochkova, which TV presenter made a real “public flogging”.

Now to experience the criticism Pushkina agreed Katya Gordon.

According to Catherine, leading to the show its virtually “dissect” that touched on the most sick and personal issues.

“God knows I went to Oksana for her project on NTV,mirror for a hero, to speak an entirely different theme. Past tired of my grieving and have nothing but gratitude for the incredible impulse of despair turned into the work I do not feel. I don’t want it to change, your forgiveness I weaned because I was doing what repentances. The past as a neighbor in the stairwell — I know, I’m not hiding from him,but don’t go for salt and face not often”, wrote Gordon in Instagram (here and further the spelling and punctuation author, — Approx.ed.).

As is the case in Volochkova, Pushkin Gordon was a friend of many years, thus knew about many of its problems.

“She prepared me. I recalled everything: hard in the forehead. The main thing for which I am grateful to Oksana: her words: Katia let’s dissect, analyze and permanently put a stop to this… We did… Really mixed feeling… I Can say one thing: now the point! Do not try me, friends, journalists and enemies to remember about any of my exes. My real respect”, said Kate.


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