Ради «Голоса»: чем пожертвовали наставники, чтобы оказаться на проекте The long-awaited fifth season of the acclaimed show kicks off today. Not so long ago it became known, for whom the creators of the project prepared a judicial seat. To fight for the victory of their wards will be Dima Bilan, Polina Gagarina, Leonid Agutin and Grigory Leps. “StarHit” to find out what they had to go to give consent to this work.

      Ради «Голоса»: чем пожертвовали наставники, чтобы оказаться на проекте

      Today, September 2, on “the First channel” starts the 5th season of the musical TV project “the Voice.” For a long time, the main intrigue remained members of the jury. Of up new rumors, which only fueled interest in the show. For example, there was information about that at this time the chair mentors is Sergey Lazarev, Nadezhda Babkina, Alexander Gradsky, Timothy and Lyubov Uspenskaya. Soon, however, “StarHit” found out how things really are. A new jury as surprised and outraged loyal fans of the project. We found out what the mentors had to sacrifice for the sake of work in the “Voice” and how they are configured at this time.

      “Train” participants in the fifth season will be four. “Grigory Leps after much deliberation, still said Yes, – said the “StarHit” on “the First channel”. – Polina Gagarina will also continue a “career” in the show. The Pets past issues – Leonid Agutin and Dima Bilan”.

      Became known the names of mentors, the new season of the show “the Voice”

      Schedule all but the Leps, in September quite free. “I had to correct something to change that,” admitted to “StarHit” Leonid Agutin. Gregory plans to combine participation in “the Voice” tour – in the first month of autumn, he will perform in nine cities.

      “I gladly accepted the offer to once again become one of the mentors – shared with “StarHit” Polina Gagarina. – For this musical celebration is ready to cancel everything! If the first season was introductory for me – I was trying on a new role, now I am confident in myself, even, I think, develop a certain strategy. Hopefully, the ears won’t let me down!”
      Ради «Голоса»: чем пожертвовали наставники, чтобы оказаться на проекте

      Before the blind auditions that took place in Moscow in the last days of August, got about 150 applicants during the year participated in the auditions throughout Russia. The most intense was the capital to try their luck on them in July came the famous people. Among them “fabrikantki Sogdiana and Yulia Mikhalchik, the former husband of actress Anastasia Makeeva, Gleb Matveichuk, star of TV series “Junior” Ivan Dubrovsky and star photographer Vladimir Shirokov.

      Ради «Голоса»: чем пожертвовали наставники, чтобы оказаться на проекте